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Wrinkled Pearl Earrings - Starfish & Metallic Green

Introducing our Wrinkled Pearl Jewelry Collection, a unique pearl jewelry series that evokes either deep love or stark contrast. These non-conforming pearls are distinctly irregular, far from the traditional round shape, yet they exhibit a striking charm with a captivating range of metallic hues. Their rough and uneven surfaces draw intriguing parallels to the celestial beauty of asteroids in space.

An ideal gift for someone who's bold and daring.

No two pearls are exactly the same. Embrace the perfect imperfection. Embrace uniqueness. Embrace individuality. 

  • Freshwater Wrinkled Pearl
  • Pearl size ( the widest dimension): Approx 12.8mm & 13.2mm.
  • Natural Pearl Color: Metallic color with purple and green hue. As shown in the pictures. 
  • Shape: Baroque.
  • Surface: High lustre, wrinkled surface with blemish. You can view from our pictures and video for close up.

// Earrings FWPE_S_81 //

  • 18k white gold plated over 925 Sterling silver setting
  • Pearl earrings length: 0.9 inch

For video, please refer to my Instagram @glitzandlovepearl