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About Glitz & Love

Handmade Pearl Jewelry for Timeless Luxury

The story of our handmade pearl jewelry line begins with a chance encounter a few years ago. I fell head over heels for a baroque pearl that captured my attention, sparking the inception of our journey into handmade pearl jewelry.

Inspired by the unique beauty of freshwater baroque pearls, I immersed myself in the world of freshwater pearl jewelry. What fascinated me most was the individuality of each pearl—no two were alike. The remarkable color and luster of these pearls, unrivaled by simulated counterparts, fueled my passion for crafting handmade pearl jewelry.

Fast forward to today, and I've become a devoted pearl
lover. I explore a variety of pearls—freshwater, freshwater Edison, Tahitian, South Sea, Akoya, keshi pearls—celebrating their diverse elegance and distinctive qualities. Our pearl jewelry range is driven by a vision of affordable luxury. I firmly believe that exquisite pearl jewelry can be accessible without an extravagant price tag. Our mission is to design, create, and curate stunning pearl jewelry, offering the highest quality at an affordable price.

Describing our design style, I'd characterize it as timeless, simple, and occasionally bespoke. Each piece embodies enduring elegance, ensuring it becomes a cherished addition to any pearl jewelry collection. Moreover, our designs are crafted in very small batches, sometimes only one per design at a time. If you adore our pearl jewelry, be sure to grab your favorite pieces before they disappear for good.

Designer and Maker

I'm the creative mind at Glitz & Love, crafting timeless pearl and gemstone jewelry with love. I get excited seeing beautiful pearls and gemstones, inspiring creations that shine with beauty and style. My designs are simple, timeless and elegant, while sometimes bespoke.

Mommy's Little Design Assistant & Color Expert

I'm Mommy's Little Design Assistant & Color Expert. My job is to help Mommy with her designs and come up with cool new ideas. I'm also really good at matching colors and pearls, so everything looks super pretty. From picking out the perfect shades to adding the finishing touches with pearls, I'm here to make Mommy's designs shine!

Chief Canine Relaxation Officer

Hey there, I'm your CCRO! My job? Oh, just showing you humans how to kick back and relax like a pro. Whether it's finding the sunniest spot for a snooze or leading a session of doga (dog yoga), I'm here to spread chill vibes. Need a paw-some belly rub or expert napping advice? You know who to call. After all, being a chill pup isn't just a job—it's a way of life!