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Peach Fuzz Baroque Pearl Earrings

Feminine peach fuzz baroque pearl earrings showcasing the natural romantic and gentle peach fuzz pink color of the pearls. Minimalistic design matched with the high lustre and radiance making a statement without being over-stated. Perfect for everyday wear and special occasions alike. 

No two pearls are exactly the same. Embrace the perfect imperfection. Embrace uniqueness. Embrace individuality. Celebrate you.

  • Baroque Pearl size: around 12mm x 25 mm
  • Color: pink shade as shown in pictures
  • Shape: Baroque
  • Surface: high lustre, smooth surface

// Pearl Earrings FWPE010_8//

  • Earrings length: around 1.7 inch
  • Rhodium plated teardrop cubic zirconia ear post with sterling silver ear pins
  • Sterling silver findings