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Black Butterfly Tahitian Pearl Earrings

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Introducing our Black Butterfly Gold Vermeil Earrings with Tahitian Pearls Drop – a perfect fusion of elegance and sophistication. These stunning earrings boast a delightful contrast between the alluring black butterfly charms and the bold elegance of Tahitian pearl drops. The gold vermeil setting adds a touch of luxury, creating a bright, chic, and lustrous look that will undoubtedly catch everyone's eye.

Embrace the captivating beauty of Tahitian pearls, renowned for their deep, dark hues and enchanting iridescence. The combination of these mesmerizing pearls and the delicate butterfly charms results in a unique and versatile design that seamlessly fits both everyday wear and special occasions. Elevate your style effortlessly, as these earrings become your go-to accessory, infusing your ensemble with a touch of boldness and timeless sophistication. Upgrade your jewelry collection with the Black Butterfly Gold Vermeil Earrings with Tahitian Pearls Drop, and experience the joy of adding an alluring and striking touch to any outfit.

Perfect gift to treat yourself or as a special gift that will be loved and cherished. 

No two pearls are exactly the same. Embrace the perfect imperfection. Embrace uniqueness. Embrace individuality. Celebrate you.

  • Sea Pearl Type: Tahitian Pearl
  • Tahitian Pearl size: Approx 10.4mm x 14mm, 10.3mm x 14mm
  • Natural Pearl Color: Dark Green, with blue, black, pink and purple tinge circles. As shown in the pictures. 
  • Shape: Teardrop with circle.
  • Surface: High lustre, smooth surface with minor pits at the side/back. Please refer to our pictures and video for close up.

// Earrings TP_E_10_G_1 //

  • Gold vermeil (925 Sterling silver base) setting
  • Cubic zirconia
  • Length: Approx 1.3 inch

♥ We do our best to showcase the true colors of the pearls. We took our pictures and video both in studio lighting and under natural day light, so you can see what exactly you are falling in love with. 

♥ The exact pair is sold. You can message us to custom make yours.♥