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Baroque Pearl Earrings - Pink Purple Large Baroque Pearl

These lustrous, mirror-like glowing large baroque pearl earrings showcase a stunning mix of natural pink and purple hues in their remarkable shape. The elegant design, coupled with high luster and radiance, makes a statement without being overstated. Perfect for both everyday wear and special occasions, these earrings are a celebration of individuality and uniqueness.

// Pearl Earrings FPWE_112_S_1 //

  • Pearl Type: Freshwater Baroque Pearl
  • Pearl Size: Approximately 13mm+ x 21mm_
  • Natural Pearl Color: Light golden, pink, and purple, with rainbow radiance, as shown in pictures and video
  • Surface: High luster, smooth surface with baroque characteristics (viewable in pictures/video)
  • Setting: 18k white gold vermeil (925 sterling silver base) ear posts
  • Length: Approximately 1.5 inches

For a closer look, refer to the video on Instagram @glitzandlove. Embrace your uniqueness and celebrate yourself with these beautiful earrings.