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How To Style Baroque Pearl Jewelry with Everyday Outfits 

Do you find yourself dazzled by baroque pearl jewelry? Before you buy anything, you want to imagine how it would slip into your closet. While it’s easy to picture yourself wearing a new pair of denim jeans or a little black dress, it can be harder to see where jewelry fits into the picture. Your closet is an investment – none more so than your jewelry. When you find a piece you’ll love, it’ll stay in your closet for years to come.


Enter baroque pearl jewelry. It’s effortlessly chic and timeless with a contemporary twist. Whether you count Audrey Hepburn as your style icon or have a Pinterest board of minimalistic neutral outfits, baroque pearl jewelry is universally flattering. It offers a twist on classic freshwater pearls that are unapologetically feminine with a touch of romance.


At Glitz & Love, our baroque pearl earrings and necklaces are designed for every occasion – whether you’re attending a black-tie event or heading to the office. We’re sharing everything you need to know about baroque pearl jewelry and how to incorporate it into your everyday closet.


What is baroque pearl jewelry?

When it comes to pearls, baroque pearls are a girl’s best friend. What makes them unique is their shape – which gives them the ‘baroque’name. While traditionally pearls have a round shape, baroque pearls take more intricate shapes that are asymmetrical. These shapes are often compared to flowers, fish, or peanuts.


It’s the unusual shape that gives baroque pearl necklaces their glamorous personality. No two baroque pearls look the same – from their shape to their complexion and metallic finish. You’re guaranteed to find a baroque pearl that beautifully complements your skin tone, whether it has a golden undertone or pink hues.


If you love the idea of freshwater pearls but want to try something that is perfectly imperfect, try a pair of baroque pearl earrings. Each pearl is as unique as you are.


How to style baroque pearl jewelry with everyday looks

Opening your jewelry box is like looking into a memory box. Every piece has a memory attached to it – reminding you of a time or person that you care about. Jewelry isn’t the same as other accessories, like a handbag or a headband. A baroque pearl necklace is one way to add a little of your personality to every outfit.


We’re sharing some of our favorite everyday outfits that you can easily incorporate our baroque pearl jewelry into. We’re naming this decade the ‘roaring twenties 2.0’ –with pearls once again becoming an everyday staple.


Are you not sure how to style your baroque pearl earrings and necklaces? We’re pairing our favorite signature pieces with outfits you probably already have in your closet.


1. A neutral weekend look

Minimalistic fashion reigns supreme – but that doesn’t mean your pearls can’t get in on the fun. One of the easiest ways to create an elegant look is by pairing solid neutrals together with different textures.


White denim jeans offer a solid base, while an oversized grey wool sweater gives the outfit a transitional feel for early spring. You can add an athleisure twist to your outfit by pairing them with your favorite high-top sneakers.


Our metallic pearl bracelet is one of the most versatile baroque pearl bracelets in our collection and the perfect choice to wear every day. You can stack it with a leather watch or wear it solo for a touch of Parisian chic.


2. A little black dress

When in doubt, slip into a little black dress. This closet staple isn’t just for special occasions. It’s the signature piece you can reach for on days when you want to look put together with minimal effort. A little black dress is our ride and die, the outfit you can wear for a day of museum visiting or sitting in a coffee shop.


One of our favorite ways to add baroque pearl jewelry to a little black dress is with a sleek high ponytail or pulled-back bun. You can let your baroque pearl earrings take center stage with this outfit.


Our baroque pearl gold vine earrings feature a flame ball gold and purple pearl that hangs from a golden vine.  The shine of the pearls will dance off your little black dress and warm up your complexion for a romantic feel. Do you prefer something a little more understated? Try our art deco-inspired drop freshwater pearls with a four-leaf clover cubic zirconia stud.

3. Pearls and workwear

While workwear may be becoming more casual, baroque pearls are an easy way to elevate your look. Workwear isn’t all three-piece suits, especially in the age of remote working and Zoom meetings. You want your neckline to be at the heart of your outfit – making you look put together, whether you’re on someone’s screen or sitting in front of them.


Start with high-waisted oversized trousers before tucking in a button-up shirt. You can keep your workwear look laidback by rolling up the sleeves and wearing a round-neck chemise underneath, leaving the top few buttons undone.


While sneakers will keep you moving all day long, baroque pearl jewelry can add a sophisticated twist. Our petite baroque pearl necklace is one that you can wear every day, whether you’re wearing sneakers or stilettoes. It’s a twist on a classic pearl necklace with its intricate luster and soft metallic hue.


At Glitz & Love, our baroque pearl jewelry is as unique as you are. Each piece pulls you in, telling a story with its intricate shape and opulent shine. While it’s easy to think of pearls as being for special occasions, baroque pearls are an everyday essential – adding a feminine feel and graceful twist to even the most simplistic everyday outfit.


Are you looking to add baroque pearl jewelry to your closet? You can shop our baroque pearl necklaces and bracelets here. Don’t forget to tag us in your everyday outfits wearing our baroque pearl jewelry for a chance to be featured on our feed.

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