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Suppose you recently got engaged or you have been planning your wedding over the last months. In that case, chances are you already read many wedding checklists that include everything from budget managing to selecting the best photographer.

But how about you, as a bride, what do you need? Many things slip our minds when we plan a big and important event such as our wedding day. And we are here to help with some of the most forgotten details that you should check off your list before the big day arrives.

  • Bride accessories

Brides often focus on the wedding dress, forgetting that every outfit needs the right accessories to complete a fabulous look. Remember to choose your accessories only after finding your dreamed attire. They should complement the dress while following your style. 

  • Wedding rings

Remember to choose and order your wedding bands with enough anticipation. Pick one that matches perfectly with your engagement rings. And do not forget to bring them to your ceremony. 

  • Bridal party gifts

Your bridesmaids will accompany you during the ups and downs of wedding planning, and they will even take care of a couple of wedding-related tasks for you. What better way to thank them for their unconditional friendship and support than with a unique piece of jewelry? Here at Glitz & Love, you will find the perfect bridal party jewelry gifts, that are not only gift wrapped in beautiful gift boxes, but also come with a personalised gift message to each of your bridesmaids.

Find beautiful pieces that match their bridesmaid’s gowns and personality, the day before your wedding or while you are all getting ready is a perfect opportunity to present them with this thoughtful gift. It is your big day, but it is also a special moment to recognize their effort.

  • Mother of the bride and groom gift

Your mother and mother-in-law will be with you every step of the way, and they can provide advice and accompany your wedding dress fitting, tours to find the perfect venue, and event catering and cake tastings. Having loving women around you through the planning process is priceless.

Think of a special gift they can forever keep and wear on your wedding day. Choose a neutral tone if you are unsure of the color of their attire. Please take a moment with each of them at your rehearsal dinner or while you are getting ready to show your appreciation.

  • Emergency kit

Things happen when you least expect it; being prepared is the best thing you can do. Set a bag or box with a sewing kit, make-up to fresh up your look, perfume, deodorant, wipes, floss, toothbrush, bobby pins, and any other article you can think of.

  • A gift for your partner

With all the wedding planning and running from one place to the next, you might forget to have a special moment with your partner. Prepare a surprise gift, think of something that perhaps he or she needs, it could be a jewelry piece, a watch, personalized cufflinks, get creative and make it special.

  • Underwear

Yes! Under your beautiful wedding dress, you need panties. There are no right or wrongs when it comes to underwear. If you want to have shapewear to feel comfortable during the day and leave the sexy lingerie for the night, that is correct. If you prefer to wear your lingerie all day, that is right too. Whatever makes you feel comfortable.

  • Post reception plans

All your energy and budget go into your wedding ceremony and reception, but what happens when the party is over? Where are you going to spend the night? Did you pack a bag? You would not believe how many couples forget about post-reception plans.

  • Accessories for all the weekend
If you have a destination wedding or will host a breakfast with your family the morning after the wedding, remember to prepare outfits and bring accessories. You are still the center of attention, and many pictures will be taken. Make sure you look flawless and feel as amazing as the night before. Pack sunglasses, a hat, earrings, and a necklace to match your brand new wedding band and engagement ring.


The most important tip we can provide to you is to enjoy every moment, even the stressful ones. One day you will look back at your wedding day and wish you could relive it all over. Also, remember to eat, hydrate, and sleep the night before your wedding. I hope you found our checklist helpful. We are certain your wedding day will be a total success.

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