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Victorian Chandelier Bridal Earrings with Pearl Strands - 4.5 inch

Embodying the timeless elegance and romantic allure of the vintage Victorian era, these exquisite bridal earrings effortlessly evoke a sense of old-world charm. Crafted to perfection, they serve as the crowning touch to your bridal ensemble, infusing it with a captivating sophistication and making a resounding statement on your special day. Be it your majestic walk down the aisle or a grand formal occasion, these earrings are bound to leave an indelible impression on all who behold them.

Featuring teardrop cubic zirconia ear posts adorned with delicate pearls and an elegant art deco connector, these earrings exude a refined aesthetic. The captivating design culminates in three strands of meticulously hand-beaded pearls, adding a touch of opulence and grace. If you have an affinity for striking, long statement earrings, this pair will surely steal your heart, measuring an impressive 4.5 inches in length. Prepare to be enamored by the sheer beauty and magnificence of these earrings as they gracefully adorn your ears, leaving you feeling truly radiant on any occasion.

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  • Premium European Simulated Teardrop Pearl: White / Cream
  • Cubic Zirconia
  • Earrings length: 4.5 inch
  • White gold plated.
  • Tarnish Resistant and Hypoallergenic. Lead, Nickel and Cadmium Free