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Gemstone & Pearl Earrings - Blue Chalcedony

Lustrous round metallic pinkish white Edison pearls are matched with the vintage boho style gemstone ear posts to create this gorgeous pearl earrings design. Embellished with a cluster of hand-beaded tourmaline faceted beads to make the design more colorful and fun. Perfect for everyday wear and special occasions alike. 

No two pearls are exactly the same. Embrace the perfect imperfection. Embrace uniqueness. Embrace individuality. Celebrate you.

  • White Edison Pearl size: around 10mm+ to 12mm+
  • Color: Metallic White pinkish tone, as shown in pictures
  • Shape: Round
  • Surface: mirror lustre, smooth surface. There are minor white spots on each pearl (either at the back, on top, at the side or at the bottom), which are not noticeable given normal social distance and the strong lustre. Please refer the pictures of the back of the earrings to see the sample of the white spots.

// Earrings FWPE057_Lab //

  • Earrings length: around 1 inch
  • Gold plated teardrop cubic zirconia ear post with sterling silver ear posts
  • Gold filled findings
  • Made with Blue Chalcedony, tourmaline and cubic zirconia

Please understand that each pearl is different and unique. We will do our best to find the pair with matching sizes, shapes and colors. They will not be exactly the same as those in the pictures, but will be of the same quality.