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How to Style Rose Gold Bridal Jewelry for Your Wedding Day


For the last decade, rose gold jewelry has gone from being a trend to a classic style. It’s got a softer look than silver and gold jewelry. There’s something romantic about rose gold jewelry. It captures the bride’s femininity and is universally flattering. With the rise in popularity of rose gold engagement rings, it’s safe to say that this bridal trend is going nowhere anytime soon.


At Glitz and Love, our rose gold bridal jewelry is amongst our best-sellers. If you’re wearing rose gold earrings and necklaces, you can carry the look across to your bridesmaids. Jewelry is the perfect way to create a sense of harmony throughout your bridal party to tie your outfits together.


We’re sharing some of our tips and tricks on how to style rose gold bridal jewelry for your wedding day. Whether you’re a bride looking for her wedding jewelry or planning the outfits for your bridesmaids, we’ve got you covered. Before you jump into reading our guide, check out our wedding jewelry to help you start planning for your big day.


What is rose gold jewelry?

Rose gold jewelry is made of a gold-copper alloy. It is unique for its pink luster that is a blend of copper, silver, and gold. This tint means that rose gold has a softer appearance than other metals. It’s easy to mix and match with other metals and is often considered a more feminine alternative to gold or silver. You’ll also see rose gold referred to as ‘red gold’and ‘pink gold’as not every shade of rose gold is the same.


One of the reasons why rose gold earrings and necklaces are popular for brides is because the metallic hue is universally flattering for every complexion. There’s a pink hue out there for every bride’s style. This metallic hue is subtle enough to work with any wedding dress whether you’re going traditional in all-white or adding a pastel twist.


Is rose gold right for you?

Every bride is different. While rose gold largely started as a trend, it evolved into a contemporary classic and one that is proving its ability to stand the test of time. Although we love rose gold jewelry, it’s not the perfect choice for every bride.


You want to look and feel like the best version of yourself on your wedding day. Instead of going out of your comfort zone and trying something new, you only want to wear rose gold jewelry if it’s a style you already wear. It might be worth taking for a test drive before committing to rose gold jewelry for your special day. After all, you’ll be looking at your wedding day pictures for the rest of your life.


How to add rose gold jewelry to your wedding day

The good news is that there are dozens of ways to incorporate rose gold into your wedding day. You may even be choosing to use it as one of the accent colors for your wedding days. At Glitz and Love, we offer an extensive range of rose gold jewelry that offers unforgettable elegance. Whether it’s for the bride or her bridesmaids, our rose gold bridal jewelry offers something for every type of wedding day. If you’re saying ‘I do’in the summer sun or keeping it small and intimate, we’re sharing our favorite pieces to give you a taste of how you can style rose gold jewelry for your wedding day.


  1. Simple Teardrop Bracelet

A bracelet is one piece that every bride should wear. While your necklace will depend on your dress’ neckline, you can choose any silhouette for your bracelet. Our Simple Teardrop style is minimalistic and timeless with its teardrop centerpiece. Its thin tennis bracelet design makes it ideal for mixing and matching with other bracelets for a custom look.


  1. Rose Gold Diamond Brooch

One of the most versatile pieces of jewelry is a brooch. You can add it to your dress on a belt, incorporate it into a sash, or even add it to your bridal hairstyle. This art deco-inspired brooch is made using cubic zirconia and pearls. It’s a jewelry piece that every part of your bridal party could wear.


  1. Navy Blue Pearl Rose Gold Jewelry Set

The beauty of rose gold jewelry is in its versatility. You can easily incorporate it with bold jewel tones and subtle neutrals. While this navy-blue jewelry set won’t be for every bride, it’s the perfect way to incorporate your ‘something blue’into your bridal look. This set is dainty and feminine with its rose gold plating.


  1. Rose Gold Cubic Zirconia Marquise Set

You want to consider your choice of makeup and hair when deciding on your rose gold wedding jewelry. Our Marquise set is the perfect choice for a bride who wants to style a sleek up-do with drop earrings and a matching bracelet. This matching set blends marquise, round, and teardrop shapes for an intricate design that is elegant and timeless.


  1. Rose Gold Round Stud Earrings

The simplest way to incorporate rose gold jewelry into your bridal look is with stud earrings. If you’ve never worn rose gold jewelry before, these earrings are the perfect place to start. This style adds a subtle touch of rose gold, giving you a romantic look without going too far out of your comfort zone. At under $20, they’re a budget-friendly option that you can give to every member of your bridal party as a bridesmaid's gift.


  1. Floral Cubic Zirconia Hair Comb

Are you not a fan of jewelry? Some brides like to keep their accessories as simplistic as possible. If you’re wearing an elegant and simple dress, there are other ways to incorporate rose gold into your look that aren’t jewelry.


Our floral cubic zirconia hair comb is plated in rose gold with cubic zirconia stones. You can incorporate this hair comb into your bridal hairstyle or keep your bridal party all in the same look with matching hair combs and sleek up-dos.



Are you looking for rose gold jewelry for you or your bridesmaids? Shop our range of rose gold jewelryhere.


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