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10 Bridal Shower Gifts Your Bridesmaids Will Love

Your bridesmaids are the people you cherish most in life. They’re your sisters – whether you’re related by blood or not. Asking someone to be a bridesmaid at your wedding shows just how important they are to you. They’ll be standing beside you on the most important day of your life. Your bridesmaids will be with you throughout the rollercoaster journey of planning your wedding day.

It's become a modern tradition for brides to give bridal shower gifts to their bridesmaids. These gifts are usually given when you ask your friend and family members to take on the role of bridesmaid for your special day. A jewelry set for bridesmaids is one of the best gifts you choose as it gives them something to wear on the big day.

Whether you already have a color scheme in mind or want to gift them something to remind them of your wedding, there are dozens of ideas of what you can choose. If your bridal shower is right around the corner, you might be scratching your head about what to buy your bridesmaids.

Do you want to make your bridal shower gifts for bridesmaids extra special? You can personalize your gift with a message on the backing card. Whether it’s an inside joke or if you’re popping the question and asking, ‘will you be my bridesmaid?’,these personalized cards are a special keepsake.

We’re sharing some of our favorite jewelry pieces that will be right at home with your bridesmaid’s wedding day look. These bridesmaids’ earrings and necklaces are classic staples that will act as a time capsule, always reminding them of your journey together.


  1. Purple Baroque Pearl Crystal Earrings

Are your bridesmaids of different ages and styles? You’ll want to give them all the same earrings with a style that is guaranteed to bring a smile to their face. This minimalistic design is one is that they can wear on your wedding day and re-wear on future occasions. Its high luster gives it a luxurious finish that will elevate even the simplest of bridesmaid’s dresses.


  1. Rose Gold Cubic Zirconia Teardrop Set

Ask your best friends to be your bridesmaids with this elegant three-piece jewelry set.  This trio is one that is perfectly coordinated with its teardrop cubic zirconia crystals with a rose gold finish. The vintage-inspired silhouette works with bridesmaid dresses of all styles, from strapless cocktail dresses to flowy evening gowns.


  1. Olive Leaf Climber Earrings

One of the most simplistic but meaningful pieces on this list is our Olive Leaf Climber Earrings. In Greek mythology, the olive tree represents peace and friendship and is one of the most beloved and sacred trees. It’s also a symbol of light, healing, and cleansing. If the symbolism of the olive leaf speaks to you, these earrings are an easy way to incorporate the motif into your wedding day.


  1. Rose Gold Butterfly Wings Earrings

Another symbol you might be drawn to is the butterfly. Just like a butterfly, you’re going through a metamorphosis as a bride with your life-changing forever. Butterflies are a symbol of hope and life, reflecting change and transformation. These subtle butterfly wings ear studs are inspired by the fairytale stories of your childhood and are an affordable bridesmaid gift.


  1. Emerald Crystal Necklace

If you’ve already chosen your wedding color scheme, you may want to give your bridesmaid their jewelry to wear on the big day. This teardrop emerald is a design that is feminine, sophisticated, and elegant. It’s one of our favorite bridal shower gifts for bridesmaids as it is versatile and classic. 

The emerald has a deep color scheme that appears brighter as it catches the light. This necklace and drop earrings will add a luxury look to your bridesmaid outfits.


  1. Vitrail Light Purple Crystal Earrings & Necklace

If your friends are known for their love of all things sparkly, this earrings and necklace set will tick all the boxes. The purple teardrop crystal is instantly captivating and will mesmerize you as it catches the light. The crystal has a mermaid-inspired look that is whimsical, perfect for a beach-side wedding, or one that draws its inspiration from the land of fairytales and make-believe.


  1. Statement Princess Necklace

You might want to go all out and gift your bridesmaids a special piece to wear on your wedding day. Our ‘Statement Princess Necklace’is a dream come true with its vintage-inspired silhouette and y-drop teardrop center pendant. If you want your bridesmaids to wear the same statement jewelry, this necklace is a perfect choice and adds a regal look to your bridal party.


  1. Floral Cubic Zirconia Hair Comb

Not every bridesmaid is a fan of jewelry. You might be buying for multiple friends who all have different tastes. A hair comb is the perfect alternative to a jewelry set for bridesmaids and is something that you also incorporate into your big day.

This elegant hair comb incorporates cubic zirconia stones in teardrop and round shapes. Tuck it into a low bun or a French twist for an effortlessly chic bridesmaid hairstyle. This hair comb is under $40, making it an affordable bridesmaid gift that adds a feminine flair to your wedding day.


  1. Rosewater Opal Pink Crystal Rose Gold Ear Studs

Your bridesmaid may have a more understated preference for jewelry. If you’re still deciding your wedding them or want a gift that everyone is guaranteed to love, check out these rose gold ear studs. They incorporate. Victorian style silhouette with a rosewater opal cushion crystal on a sterling silver post.


  1. Brilliant Tennis Bracelet – Rose Gold

Do you want a gift for your bridesmaids that will stand the test of time? Nothing is more glamorous than a tennis bracelet. It’s a piece they can wear with any kind of bridesmaid look. This bracelet is one that they’ll reach for on every special occasion or incorporate as part of their everyday arm candy.


Are you still looking for a jewelry set for bridesmaids? Shop our latest arrivals  here.

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