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10 Benefits Of A Micro Wedding


Over the past year, we've seen couples adapt to the reality of small weddings with grace, patience, and hearts wide open. While the pandemic has changed the way we plan weddings in many ways, there are some significant advantages to having a micro wedding. Newlyweds have reflected on their wedding days with much joy after experiencing the many benefits of having a small wedding. 


Let's look at the top 10 benefits of having a micro wedding.


Easy To Plan



When your guest list goes from 100 to 25, there is a lot less planning to do. You don't have complicated travel logistics to deal with, seating plans are easier, and fewer dietary requirements need to be handled.  


Quality Time Together



You can have many more intimate moments together if you are hosting a micro wedding on the wedding day because you don't need to talk to so many guests. Holding hands with your husband or wife and enjoying the venue, sneaking off for some private moments, or talking about the day are all memorable parts of the wedding day that newlyweds talk about if they had a small wedding. 


More Time With Guests



Imagine if you have 100 guests and you spend just five minutes talking to each of them, which isn't much at all. It would take over eight hours to make that happen. With getting ready, ceremony, photos, first dance, eating dinner, cake cutting, and speeches, it doesn't leave that much time for conversations with guests. The joy of a micro wedding is you can have quality conversations with your guests, which adds a depth of meaning to your day.


Fewer Group Photos Needed



Many photographers this day discourage couples from having a long list of group photos. They are traditional and expected by your parents and grandparents, but there isn't any creativity behind people standing in lines. The images you will frame and hang on the wall are the intimate couple photos. At a small wedding, you don't need to take too many group photos.  


The Financial Savings



Without paying for the food and drink for a large number of people, you save a lot of money.You might now have a bigger budget to spend on yourself, may it be getting the dream wedding dress you always wanted, or be finishing your bridal look with the most gorgeous wedding jewelry right here at Glitz & Love.You might want to put part of those savings into other items such asbridal shower gifts, decor and entertainment. 


The Venue Options



One tremendous benefit of having a micro wedding is the options for venues. You can choose from so many venues when you don't need a lot of space for the ceremony. 


Flexibility On Celebration Areas



As well as having many venues to choose from you also have flexibility within the venue you finally choose. For example, a resort might usually have two ceremony spaces like the beachfront and deck. You could choose other locations within the venue like the garden, a beautiful room, balcony, or bridge with a small group. 


Covid Considerations



If you plan a small wedding and later there are Covid restrictions that come into play again, you might not have to rearrange or reschedule your wedding. 


The Romance



There is something so romantic about a small wedding. The atmosphere is intimate and warm. Everyone is together in a close group and can have long conversations, and the dining is often at one table, creating a family feel to the celebrations. 


It's In Fashion



As couples realize how wonderful a micro wedding can be on so many levels, they are trending. 


Who knew there were so many advantages to having a micro wedding? Small and intimate weddings are charming and come with many benefits. You might end up wondering why having an intimate wedding wasn't the plan all along!



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